Recoil (2020) steel, wood

The twist of hessian is prevented from unraveling by the dead tree in close proximity to the shed wall thereby capturing energy & tension. The tree was uprooted in the flood of 2017, an extreme weather event. Sadly these are becoming more frequent & intense in Australia. 

Water Vessel (2020) polypipe, rope

A discarded polypropylene water pipe used to transport water from source to livestock was split into ribbons & woven into this dysfunctional vessel.
Set in the dry creek surrounds the act of pouring water into the vessel demonstrates its inability to contain this fundamental resource & alludes to the  mismanagement of Australian waterways.

Dead Weight II (2020) steel, wood

A broken section of a very heavy industrial chain with a history of tree clearing (pulling over trees with the chain strung between 2 bulldozers) was discovered locally, half buried in the red dirt. Its intrinsic conceptual meaning was very valuable to me & I decided to hang it in a dead tree – dysfunctional weapon with victim. A dystopian statement.

Dead Weight I (2020) steel, wood

Another part of the same chain interacts with timber to explore human dominance within the environment.

Present Tense series (2020) wood, steel

Organic & inorganic objects are placed together in a fragile balance with the man-made element dominant.
It explores the instability & vulnerability within the human/nature relationship.

Complicit (2020) video

I took an old hay bale cattle feeder & secured semi-burnt logs from a previous bush fire in the centre. I was filmed igniting it on dusk & the subsequent burn was dramatic. 
This mix of cattle, environment & human explores my climate conscience. 
This also acknowledges the horrific 2019/20 Australian wildfires.

Unprecedented (2020) wood, steel, fabric

Our flood experience is very present in this installation. It shows nature as monolithic & yet fragile; beautiful yet potentially destructive. It also explores human interference shaping nature for its own purpose. It gives new life to trees uprooted in the flood. 

Consequence (2020) wood, steel

Trees overturned in the flood have had their roots exposed to the elements for three years, creating extraordinary sculptures in themselves. This work, placed within the cattle yards, presents five of them in a way that evidences human influence on nature.

Invasive (2020) steel, wood

The constrictive steel coil suggests the rubber vine weed, an invasive climber targeting trees & explores the tension of climate conscience.

Eyrie (2020) steel

Referencing the nest of the Wedge Tail Eagle, this 3D steel ‘drawing’ perches on a high rocky outcrop behind the farm buildings. The contrast of the steel set against the organic creates tension and suggests human influence on the natural environment impacting native wildlife.

On dusk one can imagine outstretched wings…

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